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Proud Member of The Southwestern Ohio Garage & Gasoline Dealers Association

CMR Automotive Repair is a proud member of SOGGDA.

For the past six decades, SOGGDA has striven to provide customers with ethical car, truck, and SUV maintenance and repair. By holding businesses accountable, from mechanic shops to car washes, SOGGDA membership allows customers peace of mind, knowing that that they will receive fair prices for excellent service. SOGGDA provides strict rules and guidelines that must be adhered to to retain membership, meaning that you can always expect the best when dealing with a SOGGDA associated business. At [BUSINESS_NAME] in [BUSINESS_CITY], we are proud members of SOGGDA, as it is one more piece of evidence that we are professional mechanics that provide excellent service. No matter what your vehicle needs, from an oil change to a rebuild, be confident that you’re in good hands at [BUSINESS_NAME]. Call or come by today, and let us show you what we can do.

As a proud SOGGDA member we adhere to their Code of Ethics:

  • Employ honestly and accuracy in advertising and performing all sales and services.
  • Comply with all laws – Local, State, and National regulating the operation of our Association.
  • Refrain from any acts that would bring discredit to our industry or our Association.
  • Endeavor to expose all schemes to defraud the motoring public and aid in prosecution of all responsible, including suspension or expulsion of any member of this Association found to be involved.
  • Strive continually as individuals and through our Association to improve our industry in order that the motoring public may be better served.
  • Encourage the American system of free enterprise throughout the industry and oppose all invasions of our rights as independent businessmen.
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East David Automotive, Inc

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Kettering, OH 45440

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